Monday, 18 July 2016

Fun With Letter N - Creating a Night Sky

As part of our activities for Letter N, we created a picture of a night sky. We went through the days of creation and talked about God creating day and night on the first day. I told David that N is for 'night' and we were going to make a picture of a night sky. The 'night sky' done by David is my favourite of all the pieces of artwork he has done thus far. Here it is:

This piece of work may look sophisticated, but it is actually very easy to do.

Materials used:

- a piece of black card stock or black construction paper mounted on cardboard.
- a paint brush
- glue stick
- gold and silver glitter glue
- pre-cut crescent and stars (I used two star-shaped craft punches to punch out stars of different sizes from gold and silver metallic paper.)

I dribbled some silver glitter glue onto the black paper and asked David to spread it out using the paint brush. He enjoyed doing it as he had never 'painted' using glitter glue before. The glittery effect was certainly enticing to him!

After that I dribbled gold glitter glue and asked him to spread that out too. It did not matter if the colours came together. He had complete freedom to spread the glue as much as he wanted.

After the paper was 'painted' with glitter glue, I asked him to paste the crescent and the stars onto the paper. Although the paper was sticky with glitter glue, I knew the crescent and stars would come off easily when the glue became dry. That was why I asked David to use the glue stick to apply glue to the crescent and stars before pasting.

David didn't really like getting his fingers all sticky, so I prepared a piece of damp cloth for him to wipe his hands whenever he felt like it. (In fact, I always need to have a cloth ready for him whenever he does painting or other forms of process art. He is one who doesn't like to get his hands dirty.)

When the crescent and stars were all up and the glue had dried sufficiently, the 'night sky' looked like a masterpiece! Vincent van Gogh, I love your painting "The Starry Night", but David's "Night Sky" will always be more beautiful in my eyes!

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