Saturday, 27 August 2016

Blog Notice

I posted this notice on Joyful Learning Home Preschool's Facebook Page about a month ago but have not posted it on the blog yet. Here was what I wrote on Facebook:

"With more time spent on homeschool activities and preparation (on top of the usual cooking and household chores that I do at home), I am finding it a bit difficult to keep up with updating this blog. Since the main purpose for creating "Joyful Learning Home Preschool" is to preserve memories of our homeschooling days and to share ideas and resources, I may choose to post more frequently on this Facebook Page instead of my blog. This is also in response to feedback that it is less time-consuming to read a Facebook post than a full blog post. I will still share a link to any blog post that I upload. Thank you for your interest!"

I have written quite a fair bit on the Facebook Page since then. In particular, I am sharing our activities systematically based on themes or unit studies we are doing (e.g. dinosaurs, apples). I think this is an efficient way for me to keep a record of what we are doing in our home preschool. It would also be easier for readers to search for ideas based on themes and topics they are interested in. If you have not followed the blog on Facebook and would like to keep up with what we are doing for homeschool, I invite you to follow us by liking the blog's Facebook Page. There will be times when a particular topic requires the depth that a full blog post can offer. At such times I would post in this blog and add a link to the Facebook page.

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