Monday, 27 June 2016

Free Creation-cum-Alphabet Resource

I am teaching David the first two questions from the Toddler's Catechism that my church uses for parents to instruct their children.

Question 1: Who made you?
Answer: God

Question 2: What else did God make?
Answer: All things.

I was very glad to discover this free resource from 'Bible Fun for Kids' that helps to reinforce the lesson on creation. This free printable pack is called "God Made It! A to Z". As the name suggests, this is a alphabet learning resource that focuses on God's creation. For every letter of the alphabet, there are pictures of things that God created that begin with that particular letter.

I wrote down the words for the pictures on the back of each card. This is to expose David to the words in addition to the pictures and let him see that all the words have the same beginning letter.

There are also colouring pages available from this resource. I used some of them to make alphabet lapbooks with David.

This free printable pack is available at the following link:

I hope you find it useful too!

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