Saturday, 4 June 2016

Teaching the Alphabet - Making Alphabet Lapbooks

I have been making alphabet lapbooks with David as we work through letters of the alphabet week by week. Lapbooking is a popular hands-on and visual learning tool among homeschoolers. What exactly is a lapbook? According to Lapbooking 101, a lapbook is "a project book or file folder, laid out in a creative manner, that fits in the child's lap." Every lapbook has its particular theme. One can make a Butterflies Lapbook, an Ocean Lapbook, a Water Cycle Lapbbok, a Lapbook on Ancient Egypt and so on.

Lapbooks can be made and organised in many different ways. Check out the link below for a more detailed write-up on lapbooks. This link provides useful information on how to make a lapbook, including directions on how to make different kinds of mini-books (to be mounted on the lapbook), links to free templates, and several lapbook samples:

As David was still young, the alphabet lapbooks we made are very simple. I involved him in colouring and pasting, but I did all the printing and cutting. Nevertheless I didn't have to spend too much time making the lapbooks as I made use of free templates provided by Homeschool Share:

Other than the materials found in the templates, I tried to incorporate some Bible-related images (such as dove, eagle and lamb) so David would be familiar with them when we refer to Bible verses associated with them. I also like to include some songs associated with the letter so we can sing together when we read the lapbook. This is something David enjoys very much!

Here are some samples of our alphabet lapbooks:

Letter G:

Letter H:

Letter J:

Letter L:

The alphabet lapbooks we made together will serve to preserve precious memories of our learning together. I look forward to making unit study lapbooks with David soon when we embark on thematic learning!

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